At the December 7, 2015 City Council meeting, the Park Sales Tax implementation plan was approved by the City Council.  This plan creates the schedule of approved park improvements and new park development over the next six years.  The projects are selected and placed within a given year based on a number of different reasons including construction schedules, necessary safety improvements, planning schedules, grant opportunities and the ability to reduce utility expenses or maintenance costs.  The Parks and Recreation Department will hold interested parties meetings and ask for Council approval for each project during that project's funding year, but we would also like to use this forum to gain overall input about each proposed project.  For each project, you will see a short description of the general improvements proposed by the park planning staff, and we would like additional comments from the public about each park and trail project.  This forum allows the public to provide input for each project ranging from a new idea for that park or trail or point out an area we should focus on as we renovate or construct the park.

In the forum, you will see many different ideas that represent each of the park and trail projects in the PST implementation plan from 2016 to 2021.  Please feel free to comment within each idea about what you would like to see!  You can also add a general idea to the forum if you have an idea for a trail or park that isn't listed as a current idea!

If you would like to have more information about each park, facility or trail, please visit:

Thank you for your support of the 1/8 cent Park Sales Tax and we look forward to the numerous park and trail improvements and development over the next six years.

Gabe Huffington, Park Services Manager admin about 4 years ago

Park Sales Tax funding will be used to replace two bridges on the MKT Trail. The 100+ year old bridges need to be replaced due to structural integrity, age and ability to access by emergency vehicles and maintenance personnel. A study was conducted 3 years ago by a local engineering firm to determine weight thresholds and overall structural stability. Park staff will apply for Recreation Trails Program grants and Land and Water Conservation Fund grants for the project. The project is funded in 2017.

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Harley Quinn about 1 month ago

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