If the large strip of dead trees and weeds between Tiger Village and Landmark Bank were cleaned up, the area would be much more appealing! It collects trash and I've seen homeless people take shelter in the thick weeds to stay cool. Hundreds of birds stay in the dead trees and screech all hours of the night. This is my view from my bedroom window. With the small stream that runs through, it has been a breeding ground for mosquitoes and ticks this summer. I feel the the small area has a lot of potential if it could receive some love and care.

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Karla Clarke at July 15, 2018 at 11:04pm CDT

When we grow trees from dead trees that time we need weeds. We can find those weeds from tiger village and also from the edubirdie.com review village who's name was Landmark Bank which situated near to the stadium. And that is the best thing for us.