which is a big neighbourhood. Currently trail goes to under I 70 to Clark Lane. So many people enjoy what the City has already done (wonderful trail!!!). However, you can not access East Port from the trail without getting on the I 70 drive, which is pretty narrow road going up the hill with the traffic of 50 mph. The other way is to bike on I70 drive till east gate villages (Upland Creek Rd) and access St Charles road. However, it is as narrow, although pretty straight and there is no shoulder or sidewalks there. Therefore, these two options are pretty risky and not safe. I was wondering if there is any chance that the City could make an extra mile or so long addition to Hominy trail and have people from East Port and other close neighbourhoods enjoy bike rides, walks and jogging as well. Thank you!

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Janet Godon admin about 4 years ago

Hi Tatiana, I apologize for the delay in responding. I was just made aware of your idea post today. Columbia Parks and Recreation has discussed a potential trail from Eastland Hills down to the Hominy Trail where it crosses under I-70. For East Port residents, this would still require traveling a short distance on St. Charles or I-70 Dr. SE and then utilization of Upland Creek Rd. sidewalks. Unfortunately, we do not have funding at this time for easement acquisition or trail construction. Our department will keep this trail alignment in mind for future grant opportunities.

There is another possible opportunity that will better connect the East Port Neighborhood with Columbia's trail system. The planned (also unfunded) extension of the north fork of the Grindstone Creek Trail will connect to East Port. If funded, this proposed trail will connect with the existing Grindstone Creek Trail which currently starts at Maguire Blvd and continues west to the Grindstone Nature Area where it links with the Hinkson Creek Trail. You can review the 2013 Trails Plan here: https://www.como.gov/ParksandRec/Trails/#plan. Please contact me if you have additional questions. Janet Godon, Planner, City of Columbia Parks and Recreation. janet.godon@como.gov/441-5495.