All projects greater than 1-minimum zoning unit in size should follow guidelines for med-long term projections and planning.

Roadway intersections should be built to optimize flow and minimize idle time. Congestion, loss of property, and injuries in the city are mostly self inflicted. Planning generally lack of vision and oversight and is choking the cities development prospects. We need less stop signs/lights and more rh turn lanes, acceleration/decelleration lanes, more restrictions for lh turns, and greater setbacks for access points from most intersections... (every time a car stops/slows at an intersection it increases travel time roughly 1 second per mile per hour of deceleration plus the time stopped). COMO could increase utilization of existing roadways by more than 75% which decreases cost and improves development prospects (not including potential improvements for driver awareness/engagement).

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Sara Humm admin over 2 years ago

Thank you for your comments. Developments and traffic projects are approved by City Council. There are also many interested parties meetings or open house informational sessions that the public is invited to attend to give feedback. Those meetings are posted on our events calendar: You can find contact information for the Mayor and Councilmembers here: - Sara, public communications specialist