Add a roundabout to replace 4-way stop at Millcreek Elementary. traffic gets extremely backed up during morning and afternoons.

Lukin Murphy 5 months ago

The MKT trail section which is being restored after the Flatbranch Sewer project should be lined with native plants, trees, and shrubs. Specifically, I would like to see more use of edible and fruit-bearing plants. A map could be created with displays the location of these various edible plants along with the likely dates that they will be in season. This could be part of a "walking picnic" or other educational/experiential activity for school groups and other citizens. There are many potential community partners for this project, including Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture, Community Gardening Coalition, Columbia Public Schools, Conservation Department, and Public Health organizations.

Idea: sidewalk

Anna Estevez almost 2 years ago

A sidewalk between the clark lane roundabout to the mexico gravel rd roundabout to make it safe for pedestrians. This issue has been going on for years ever since I was in high school.


Many neighborhoods have requested traffic calming measures, but there have been limited funds to implement them. The backlog will take about 30 years to complete. Let's speed this up and complete all of the current outstanding requests. This is one of the most important things we can do to ensure the safety of ourselves and our children in our own neighborhoods!

Please straighten out your billing system change! My method of payment has always been via my bank in Columbia. For some reason it was changed by COC to check form rather than electronic payment, thus slowing down the payment process dramatically. My bank has submitted request to be changed back to electronic numerous times only to be rejected and I cannot find out WHY!! I have talked to COC many times, even the customer service supervisor Derek Fast with no results. I am very frustrated, as I have been a loyal, on time paying customer for many years. This is just plain ridiculous!! Bonnie Allard

Toccoa Georgia's trash service involves a garbage truck with a wide claw capable of grabbing several bags or a pile of brush all at once. That seems like an ideal compromise for a City Solid Waste Utility committed to reducing injuries through automation and a constituency that cannot get behind the idea of roll carts.

I am unclear on the reason that Toccoa has 3 separate truck services: a roll cart regular trash pick up, a wide claw pick up for bagged trash / brush / old furniture, and a blue bin recycling pickup.

I see this service every time I visit family in Toccoa.

I do not know why this was not part of the public coverage of the debate in the Columbia MO area.

If there is any research or background work I can do to be of service on this issue, please let me know.

which is a big neighbourhood. Currently trail goes to under I 70 to Clark Lane. So many people enjoy what the City has already done (wonderful trail!!!). However, you can not access East Port from the trail without getting on the I 70 drive, which is pretty narrow road going up the hill with the traffic of 50 mph. The other way is to bike on I70 drive till east gate villages (Upland Creek Rd) and access St Charles road. However, it is as narrow, although pretty straight and there is no shoulder or sidewalks there. Therefore, these two options are pretty risky and not safe. I was wondering if there is any chance that the City could make an extra mile or so long addition to Hominy trail and have people from East Port and other close neighbourhoods enjoy bike rides, walks and jogging as well. Thank you!

With the installation of the new crosswalks on College Ave, there is more traffic on William St. Recently the water problem close to University and William was fixed (thank you). A city worker was painting some curbs near Wilson and William (a good start) but not far enough. There are several curbs in which the paint has faded and weeds have grown, and now many people park where they should not. This obstructs the view and also makes it difficult to turn. Some park very close to stop signs! Some are ticketed, but certainly bright yellow curbs would indicate that drivers should not park there. This would help everyone turn and drive better on William. I am concerned about driving on William in the winter when we have snow and ice.

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Take Action NOW!

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This is absolutely ridiculous that construction has started SO close to campus and student housing with FOUR WEEKS left of school. We have everyday class, finals and graduation to focus on and this construction does not only cause sound pollution but now our water is under a boil advisory. THIS IS A LAW SUIT WAITING TO HAPPEN! The city knows how many thousands of people visit this town for graduation weekend and you have machinery not only blocking roads but also on the sidewalks. I literally had to walk under a machine on the sidewalk to get to class this morning. Figure it out or face legal repercussions.

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