Tricia Kroll over 2 years ago

I feel that we should adopt, honor, and uphold the Paris Climate Agreement goals. There are many other cities that have taken up the standard to follow through with this idea. I believe that we must all do our part to look out for our planet. We only have one shot at this and if we get it wrong, it is not us that will pay, but future generations. Please look into

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Frank Gallo about 3 years ago

There seems to be no penalty for persons clearly not handicapped or not displaying a handicapped permit to flagrantly occupy a parking space clearly reserved for physically handicapped persons. I see the signed marked "penalty", but pay no attention. Is the "violation" only monetary without a "civil" charge? What can a private citizen do to notify authorities when the "violation" is observed. Do authorities even care?

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I am appalled that "property owners' rights" are trumping EVERY other value for this city. I am disgusted with the lack of authority our Historic Preservation Commission has. I am likewise amazed that after YEARS of the "Columbia Visioning Process" evolving-out "visions" of Columbia, veritably nothing of value has come from it that lends any aid to maintaining or preserving character. It's a massive Profit-race, and the City, and the 99%, are the losers.

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Why are there homes with up to 8 sex offenders in our R1 neighborhoods? This already violates current city code. One is 800 feet from Lange nonetheless.(Which violates a Dec 2013 Missoiri supreme court ruling)

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