If the large strip of dead trees and weeds between Tiger Village and Landmark Bank were cleaned up, the area would be much more appealing! It collects trash and I've seen homeless people take shelter in the thick weeds to stay cool. Hundreds of birds stay in the dead trees and screech all hours of the night. This is my view from my bedroom window. With the small stream that runs through, it has been a breeding ground for mosquitoes and ticks this summer. I feel the the small area has a lot of potential if it could receive some love and care.

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This is absolutely ridiculous that construction has started SO close to campus and student housing with FOUR WEEKS left of school. We have everyday class, finals and graduation to focus on and this construction does not only cause sound pollution but now our water is under a boil advisory. THIS IS A LAW SUIT WAITING TO HAPPEN! The city knows how many thousands of people visit this town for graduation weekend and you have machinery not only blocking roads but also on the sidewalks. I literally had to walk under a machine on the sidewalk to get to class this morning. Figure it out or face legal repercussions.

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