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Is there a street or public safety project you think deserves to be on the ballot? Let staff, council, and your fellow SpeakUpComo users know what it is and why it belongs. Remember these funds are used for capital projects (road improvements, vehicles, facilities, etc.), not personnel. Take a look at the latest CIP List, look out your window, think about projects the next time you are out and about in Columbia, and submit them here.

    Place a roundabout at the Keene St. and I-70 Drive SE intersection. It backs up very far and is very difficult to make a left turn towards the 70 and 63 connector.

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    David Kaplan over 6 years ago

    Paint bike lanes on W Stewart Rd, between West Blvd and Garth Ave. I realize right at the stop sign at Garth the road is not wide enough for any bike lane, but it seems sufficiently wide the rest of the way to West. There is a good amount of bike traffic due to proximity to campus. Maybe painting a divider line in the center of the street would additionally help reduce driver stress is navigating bikes on the right and oncoming traffic on the left. However, I don't know the quantitative requirements for a bike lane, so please correct me if I am mistaken.

    We need more affordable housing for senior adults instead of for college students. That should be the responsibility of the University not our downtown! If Columbia is touted as being appealing to senior adults, we should make sure it is! There is Bethel Ridge which is based on a low income; and there are several high priced facilities currently or in the process of being built. But for middle class or middle retirement income folks, the choices are few and far between.
    I also fear that as more college classes become available on line, the demand for student housing will decrease in years to come rather than increase. and then what will happen to all of those high rises? Why is no one addressing these needs for retirees?

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    Rachel Ruhlen over 6 years ago

    In the past, the federal government paid for 80% of new buses, but with higher deficits these programs have become unreliable. That doesn't stop our bus fleet from aging. Given the age of our buses, we are short on buses, sometimes unable to cover routes because too many buses are out of service for repair & maintenance. Replacing aging diesel buses with electric buses will cost a little more than buying new diesel buses-- but will save substantially in the long run.

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