It's getting to the point where you can't go a few blocks without seeing apartment buildings.

Downtown is especially bad: a cesspool of closed roads, debris, and poorly designed apartment buildings. Downtown used to be somewhat decent aesthetically; now a giant eyesore on a city that consistently diminishes in quality.

Hopefully the people approving this garbage are getting truckloads of money under the table for these apartment deals; otherwise there is no excuse for blatantly pushing the city into further degradation.

Michele Cordray about 6 years ago

Stop the people who are moving out on my street from trashing up my neighborhood!! they are piling up trash, cans, bottles, garbage, furniture onto the curb days before trash day, and not using trash bags, just throwing stuff on the ground in front of their homes. Please fine these people and the awful landlords who allow this to happen!! It not only is happening on my street, but all over town when it's moving time. This is awful. North 9th Street is awful.

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