Put up "End School Zone" signs by Smithton Middle School

In front of Smithton Middle School, put flashing crosswalk signs to make it safer for kids to get to school. I've seen 2 kids almost hit by cars while crossing at the crosswalk.



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Like many people, I have been frustrated by the policies of the city government related to parking in the city center. This is not new, it is a permanent feature of college towns, and I don't expect miracles. But lately it has become much worse. The 'business friendly' willingness of the city to accomodate larger businesses and allow them to monopolize individual parking places has created a level of chaos. It has become impossible to patronize downtown restaurants and small businesses due to the number parking spaces held by larger facilities 'valet' reservations and the number of locations held by construction projects.

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With the installation of the new crosswalks on College Ave, there is more traffic on William St. Recently the water problem close to University and William was fixed (thank you). A city worker was painting some curbs near Wilson and William (a good start) but not far enough. There are several curbs in which the paint has faded and weeds have grown, and now many people park where they should not. This obstructs the view and also makes it difficult to turn. Some park very close to stop signs! Some are ticketed, but certainly bright yellow curbs would indicate that drivers should not park there. This would help everyone turn and drive better on William. I am concerned about driving on William in the winter when we have snow and ice.

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Ballenger is a relatively quick street with a speed limit of 40mph. It has many issues that make it hazardous including blind crests and turns, lots of traffic turning on and off the road, a very narrow width, steep dropoffs on the sides, limited lighting, and constant foot traffic. There are parks and crowded neighborhoods packed on both sides of the street, but limited connecting roads, so pedestrians and bicyclists are often stuck having to walk in a muddy ditch or risk being hit by traffic. To add to this, it's difficult to turn out onto the street at several points where the vegetation blocks the view of oncoming traffic. Many of these issues can be resolved by adding shoulders to the side of the road. It would give the children that are always walking on the street somewhere safer to stand, make the bus stops more accessible, and provide better access to the existing resources and stores in the area, including the nice stretch of sidewalk along Mexico Gravel that is currently inaccessible to residents off Ballenger.

Idea: sidewalk

Anna Estevez about 6 years ago

A sidewalk between the clark lane roundabout to the mexico gravel rd roundabout to make it safe for pedestrians. This issue has been going on for years ever since I was in high school.

Please extend yellow median lanes on chapel hill rd. all the way to intersection with fairview rd. from both sides. The median was previously delineated by road reflectors that were stripped off by the snow plows. Paint is a good idea.

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Take Action NOW!

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Many neighborhoods have requested traffic calming measures, but there have been limited funds to implement them. The backlog will take about 30 years to complete. Let's speed this up and complete all of the current outstanding requests. This is one of the most important things we can do to ensure the safety of ourselves and our children in our own neighborhoods!