For a city government that seems to spend most of its time trying to figure out new ways to spend its citizens tax dollars, who's bright idea was it to set up the new online utility payment system? This is the most unfriendly system for landlords and property managers and users in general. I'm sure the city government spent a million of its tax payers dollars to an outside consultant to tell them how to set this up. If I am not in Columbia when the bill arrives in the mail and I go online to pay several utility bills, I can't access the actual bill any longer. All I have is a dollar amount on each account and a past payment history. What is the City's kickback on each utility bill payment transaction? $4-$5.00 in service charges per account per payment to pay online is unacceptable. Going back to printing out checks to pay utility bills. At least I'm keeping individuals employed here in Columbia to process my check payment rather than some out-of-state online payment company. The City needs to fire it's IT consultant if this is the best they can come up with.

The website is not user-friendly for making utility payments. No contact for assistance, no itemized bill to review. I should be able to see a digital copy of my bill when I log on to make a payment. The change to the new system is not an improvement for online payment customers.

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Please add an auto-payment option for utility bills.

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